FAQ for Peer Mentors

I haven't received my check, where is it?

If you still haven't received a check, contact RF-CUNY, either by phone or email: https://rfcuny.org/RFWebsite/Contact.aspx

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Use this RF-CUNY PowerPoint for instructions. If it doesn't seem to match the RF-CUNY layout you see, try the sequence below:

  • Navigate to https://RF-CUNY.org/RFWebsite/ , log in > e-services > my payroll and benefits > employee services > payroll information > direct deposit - and follow the directions.
  • Your employee ID should be in the email you received from RF-CUNY when you were hired.

If you're still unsuccessful, contact RF-CUNY via: https://RF-CUNY.org/RFWebsite/Contact.aspx

How does sign-in for office hours work?

This will apply to QCC eventually, but for now, this is only relevant to QC PMs. When you arrive in 141 or 142, you'll see a sheet with a QR code. If you're a Peer Mentor, follow the instructions on the sheet, sign-in and sign-out for your session. When students come in, have them follow the instructions and sign in. (There's no need to sign out, however.)

How do I log my hours?

For now, go to the Hours - Timesheets page on the dropdown Peer Mentors menu. Download the sheet, fill it out, and email it to Jennifer Valad. Soon, this will be replaced by an online version that won't require the downloading and emailing.

Why did I receive a request to join a Google Group?

Joining that group will give access to the Peer Mentors calendar at the bottom of the calendars page. There you can create and manage your own events and share them with other peer mentors or with students.

I see some information on a project calendar, on the project website, or elsewhere that is unclear or wrong. What gives?

If you see something, say something: let any of the coordinators know about the issue, and we'll see that it gets fixed.

Why am I not receiving emails that other peer mentors are receiving?

If you notice this problem, please let Jennifer Valad know.