Redesign Resources

STEM Faculty Development Writings

"The APA Guide to College Teaching"

"Increasing accessibility of college STEM courses through faculty development in Universal Design for Learning" Langley-Turnbaugh, Blair & Whitney, 2013

Building a faculty culture for student success

"Encouragement for faculty to implement vision and change" Harvey, et al., 2016

External Society Resources

Specific and Actionable Course Redesign Materials from Carl Weiman Science Education Initiatives

Course Transformation Guide

Creating and implementing in-class activities; principles and practical tips

What NOT to do: Practices that should be avoided when implementing active learning

Making the most of demonstrations, videos, animations, or simulations in lectures and laboratories

Student group work in educational settings

Setting class norms about behavior during group activities

How do I help students engage productively in active learning classrooms?

Course components and Assessments

Basic instructor habits to keep students engaged

Creating and using effective learning goals

Pre-class reading assignments

Advice for pre-class reading assignments and quizzes

Creating good homework problems (and grading them)

A better way to do in-class review

Assessments that support student learning

How to prepare better multiple-choice test items: Guidelines for university faculty

Two-stage exams