Generalized Observation and Reflection Platform

The long-term goals of developing and providing access to Generalized Observation and Reflection Platform (GORP) at Queens College are:

  • To Engage Faculty in Course Transformation: Faculty need a means to simply assess what’s going on their classes. Analysis of GORP data can provide faculty with important information about use of class time and student engagement that can lead to meaningful course transformation.

  • To Complement Digital Learning: As learning moves into a more digital realm, and as blended learning becomes more common on the BU campus, understanding what kinds of classroom interactions happen will be important for making the value argument for high-engagement residential undergraduate education. To what degree does in-class education need to evolve to be complementary to the growth of digital learning? GORP can help answer this.

  • To Measure Classroom Behaviors: GORP is universal, and can be simply tailored to faculty, groups of courses, a department, or a college. While GORP does not measure student learning outcomes directly, it can measure classroom behaviors. Evidence from other universities shows that increases in active-learning behaviors are well-correlated with improved learning outcomes.