Team Bios

Michelle Fraboni

Director of Pedagogy

Director of CTL at QC and Lecturer in Elementary and Early Childhood Education at QC

Dr. Michelle Fraboni leads efforts at Queens College to provide opportunities for QC faculty to enhance the quality of their teaching. She also teaches Digital Literacy in the Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education (EECE). As a faculty member in EECE, Michelle has taught and advised undergraduate and graduate students for twenty years. At the department level, she has served as coordinator of the undergraduate program in EECE, deputy chair, department tech consultant, faculty developer, and webmaster. She has served on the Queens College Middle States Committee, the Teaching Evaluations & Excellence Committee, the Technology Fee Committee, and CUNY’s Committee on Academic Technology. She is currently the Co-Director of Transitions to Teaching, a community dedicated to students who are considering becoming elementary school teachers. TtT connects students with other students who share similar interests and questions about becoming a teacher, and also with faculty, advisors and other professionals who can help find answers.

She received a BA in Sociology/Criminal Justice, a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota, MSEd in Elementary Education from Queens College, and a doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College. Her research interests include fostering preservice teachers’ professional identity through their engagement in face-to-face and online learning communities as well as faculty development, the pedagogy of care, and how they relate to students’ sense of belonging and identity as learners.

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