Team Bios

Jennifer Valad

Project Manager & Director of Learning Collectives

Jennifer Valad is the Project Manager and the Director of Learning Collectives for the HSI-STEM project. She wears many hats and keeps the whole project running. Jennifer coordinates and supports the other administrative directors, and is the wizard behind the curtain that is the HSI-STEM grant. She has also been teaching at Queens College and Mercy College since 2010, instructing students in an array of courses including experimental psychology, statistics, psychopharmacology, and developmental courses. Jennifer is an excellent instructor, and well regarded by her students and colleagues.

Jennifer received her Master's degree in General Psychology, with a concentration in Neuroscience, from Queens College, CUNY, in 2007. She also completed her undergraduate studies at Queens College, which makes her an invaluable resource to current undergraduates who she mentors and teaches.

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