Team Bios

Ilysse Baum

Mathematics Content Specialist

Ilysse Baum holds a B.A. in mathematics and psychology, from CUNY Queens College. During her years as an undergraduate, she served on fifteen college committees and as a Psych 107 (psychological statistics) peer mentor. After graduation, Ilysse taught mathematics in Israel and Mexico City. She returned to Queens College to teach algebra, precalculus, and mathematics for prospective elementary school teachers. She also taught Advanced Placement BC Calculus to high school students on the Queens Bridge to Medicine grant at CUNY York College.

For fifteen years, Ilysse owned and operated her own mathematics tutoring company, where she trained mathematics teachers grades 7-12, and developed curriculum and standardized test preparation materials. She has been asked to lead professional developments in local high schools. As an advocate of active and experiential learning, IIysse’s interests lie in: increasing diversity in STEM, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, finding the real-world parallels between mathematics and other quantitative subject areas, and dispelling the misconception that mathematics is a “challenging” and “anxiety-provoking" discipline.

In her work on the HSI-STEM grant, Ilysse has served as the Mathematics Content Specialist , and has introduced peer mentors at QCC and QC to some of the 50+ unique pedagogical strategies which she developed to make mathematics enjoyable, accessible, and meaningful to students.

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