Team Bios

Corinna Singleman

Director of Communications and Special Projects

she/ her

Dr. Corinna Singleman has had an interest in science communication and education for many years. Her goal as a scientist has been to explore the world, gather what knowledge she can, and share that knowledge as far as possible.

She uses expertise and scientific training to bridge the ever-widening gap between the scientific community and the rest of the world by teaching, writing and working on projects that directly impact my community. Specifically, Dr. Singleman has attended and spoken at community events and protests (including speaking against the end of dredging of the Hudson River and participating in science fair demos at the American Museum of Natural History and NJ Science & Engineering Fair), spoken to students at K-12 levels about what being a scientist is like (Skype a Scientist). She has mentored many high school and undergraduate STEM students in the past and is passionate about continuing to work with students now both through her work at HSI-STEM and as an Adjunct Lecturer in Biology.

Dr. Singleman strives to share her love of all things STEM with others, regardless of their educational background, and loves that her role as Director of Communications allows her to share the successes of this grant and to work closely with faculty and students to increase interest and accessibility in STEM to the next generation of scientists at CUNY.

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