“We all know that there’s plenty of evidence that if you teach STEM a little bit differently, where your mind-set is not that of a gatekeeper … but your mind-set is to teach, students actually succeed. Everybody in the community is going to benefit, because we’re not just going to teach better to Latino students, we’re going to teach better to every student at Queens College.”

It is with heavy hearts that we share news of the passing of Joseph Bertorelli, from complications due to COVID-19. Joe was a member of the HSI-STEM family and a valued part of the QCC Math Redesign Team and will be missed greatly. We are all sending our condolences to Joe's family, friends, and loved ones.

Dr. Timothy G. Lynch, Interim President of QCC wrote a lovely tribute, part of which is included here:

He was wise and humorous and a Queensborough stalwart. To so many Queensborough students, Dr. Bertorelli was the ideal math teacher, especially for difficult subjects such as calculus. His patience, his willingness to help beyond the classroom, and his ability to give real life applications to abstract math concepts made Dr. Bertorelli tremendously popular with his students. His love for math and for his students served as an inspiration to other faculty.

"STEM plays an important role in our city, state, and nation and will continue to do so in the future. […] It is crucial that we attract students to the STEM fields, especially traditionally underrepresented students.”

Congratulations to our peer mentor, Biling Chen on her success in STEM!

Dr. Soule and students from the SEES department at Queens College conducted experiments in Antarctica this winter. HSI STEM is proud to have Dr. Soule as a faculty redesign instructor and even more proud that some students with him in Antarctica, Lauren & Emilio, are members of our Peer Mentor group.

"Right now we are fighting a 50 knot wind and dodging an eleven mile long iceberg that has parked itself in the middle of our experiment. Our experiment is wrapping up and we are preparing for the transit across the Drake Passage around Cape Horn. Despite some adverse conditions, experiment has been a success and we have seen some amazing sights."

Dax Soule, QC SEES Dept., Feb, 2019

Upcoming Presentations!

67th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), Queens College, Queens, NY

May 4, 2019

Chemistry peer mentors from QC and QCC will present posters related to chemistry redesign.

Reimagining Science Education, Queens College, Queens, NY

May 10, 2019

The peer mentors from all redesigned courses at QC and QCC will present posters exploring their experiences working in redesigned courses.