Vishal Vig

Vishal Vig, Peer Mentor Supervisor, Queens College

Vishal is a Macaulay Honors graduate from Queens College. Subsequent to graduating in 2015, with a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience, Vishal took a year off to teach introductory biology at Queens College. He aspires to become a physician-educator in the future and strongly believes in the quote, “Education is power.” After obtaining his MS in Biomedical Sciences from the Duke University School of Medicine in 2017, Vishal realized that he wanted to return to teaching for some time before continuing his medical education. At Duke, Vishal learned of the value of utilizing a flipped classroom model for teaching and has understood the significance of serving as a peer mentor. For instance, during his time at Duke, Vishal has volunteered both as a mentor and tutor to prepare and guide past substance abusers in taking the math section of the GED. In addition, Vishal has been a mentor to several high school scholars at Weill Cornell Medicine and has assisted them in applying to universities and helping them decide whether a career in medicine is right for them. Lastly, he has been part of the Minority Association of Pre-Med Students at Queens College during his undergraduate years, helping to increase student diversity in the health professions.

Currently, Vishal is teaching anatomy lab to health professional students at Queens College and aims to incorporate quantitative reasoning skills and the flipped classroom approach into his classroom. His long-term goal is to one day become an academic dean of a medical school, with the goal of making reform in medical education and continuing to act as a mentor to health professions students.

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