HSI-STEM Presents at CUNY CUE Conference

The HSI-STEM team introduced the grant project and provided preliminary data for feedback at the Coordinated Undergraduate Education Conference, hosted by the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

The presentation focused on the ways that classroom observations would inform the project’s goals of enriching landing and gateway STEM courses for the betterment of students.

Conference Program

Presentation abstract:

STEM Bridges Across Eastern Queens: A Cross-Campus Collaboration College

Queens College has partnered with Queensborough Community College in a project designed to increase STEM majors among underrepresented students. A key element of the project is a redesign of STEM gateway courses driven by data collected during classroom observations. These observations make use of two protocols, one segmented, the other holistic. The first is a modified version of the Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM, run on the Generalized Observation and Reflection Platform, which categorizes discrete time periods according to instructor and student behavior. The second is a modification of the U Teach Observation Protocol that captures subjective assessments including evaluations of the class learning environment and instructor preparedness. Both observational tools are currently undergoing pretesting as part of the redesign phase of the project. During this interactive presentation, preliminary observational data will be summarized and participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use both protocols.


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