Bridging Institutions

The core of this proposal is the development and institutionalization of the STEM Bridge Builders Squad (SBBS), a cross-campus group of faculty and administrators dedicated to improving programs, policies, and practices related to STEM education.

Convened jointly by the Provosts of our two institutions, the charge of the SBBS will include developing performance goals, methodologies, and rubrics for assessment of student learning outcomes and progress in STEM. The SBBS will also be charged with writing articulation agreements between QCC and QC for all STEM majors. Some of these agreements will lead to dual degrees, based on curricula co-owned by the disciplinary faculty at QC and QCC. The SBBS will be uniquely positioned to make policy decisions using data produced by this project focused on credit accumulation, academic achievement, and attainment of students in STEM. SBBS will also benefit from the data and analytics tool, the Student Success Collaborative from the Education Advisory Board, to be acquired CUNY-wide within the upcoming academic year (2016-2017).

The SBBS will build on already existing coordination between our two campuses, which already have articulation agreements in place (Biology, Geology) or in the works (Computer Science, Nutrition and Dietetics) for majors at QC. The SBBS will also be in a unique position to stimulate broader awareness of current transfer patterns and the benefits of participating in articulation.

SBBS members will include STEM faculty advisors (from the STEM disciplines), representatives from the Advising units at each campus, and representatives from the units at each campus handling co-curricular and career development. The SBBS will be chaired jointly by the Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at QC and by the Academic Affairs Fellow at QCC. All deliberations by this body will be shared with the broader community, via minutes and other documentation made available electronically.

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